Marcus Hiles: A success story of the CEO of Western Rim Properties

When we talk about staring any venture, it sounds easier to do but requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, not every entrepreneur becomes able to get a desired position of a successful businessperson. Marcus Hiles is a person who has achieved his goals by developing a Real Estate firm in a very small age. He didn’t leave any stone unturned to take his venture to the next level. This trust on hard work actually helped him to get what he actually wanted. He founded Western Rim Properties in the year 2004.

More than a decade has passed to the development of Western Rim Properties. The company had started from selling the small-sized lands and properties. After the successful sales of those small residential units, Marcus focused on buying bigger lands to develop large homes and bungalows. Success didn’t leave the way of Marcus’s Venture. He got continuous success in the business by building beautiful, well-designed and well-constructed homes. Marcus Hiles fills a Gap in the Market with Luxury Residences in Texas. The state didn’t have as much attractive residential units as Western Rim Properties offer.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles is an ideal couple that manages the real estate business effectively. The couple doesn’t forget to support needy people and non-profit organizations. Western Rim Properties also donate millions of dollars to the firms and educational institutions. The couple never thinks of saving large sums of money because they believe on distributing cash for the welfare of the people. It also helps their firm to earn higher revenue. The life of Marcus Hiles actually revolves around strict rules and regulations. He follow strict schedule and perform every task on time. He is punctual and also expect same from their employees.

Marcus Hiles: Meet the CEO of Western Rim Properties

The CEO of Western Rim Properties feels proud but never reacts rudely with the people. He understands that one shouldn’t feel proud by having money and status. All human beings are same and any differences shouldn’t be created between them only because of status and wealth. He always treats his employees like a family. However, he never comprises with the deadlines required for completion of tasks. Punctuality highly matters for Marcus Hiles. If you want to be a part of Western Rim Properties, you must be punctual and hard working.